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A Guide to Making HVAC Maintenance Affordable

After paying hefty electricity bills, no one likes to deal with costly HVAC maintenance and repairs. But the more you delay the necessary service, the more damage it will cause, costing even more than before. While you can’t avoid these repairs, you can follow some steps to maintain your HVAC system. These steps will decrease the overall maintenance cost, emergency repairs, and your valuable time.

Clean the Condenser

A condenser is your HVAC’s outdoor unit, exposed to external elements and collects dust, grass clippings, cobwebs, and debris. Most people don’t pay attention to that part and only maintain the indoor unit, increasing maintenance costs. Make sure you clean the condenser coils every once in a while to promote efficient heat exchange. Straighten out any bent fins with a fin comb.

Moreover, a condenser needs enough space to exhaust heat effectively. Trim back any shrubs, plants, or long grass that can interrupt the airflow. Make sure there is at least 12 inches of space. Adequate heat exhaustion promotes a better performance of your HVAC system and reduces damages and repair costs.

A cat is sitting on an AC condenser unit

Insulate Air Ducts

Exposed areas in your ductwork leak conditioned air, causing the HVAC system to use more energy to maintain the temperature. This causes an inconsistent temperature in your house, increased electricity bills, and inefficient operation of HVAC. You can fix this issue by using a UL 181-rated duct-sealing tape and ensuring the right thickness of the tape to insulate the ductwork properly. During your next maintenance appointment, ask professionals to check the ductwork.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Constant usage of an HVAC system increases its wear and tear and repair costs. You can avoid these issues by installing a smart thermostat with many features, including Wi-Fi. This device allows you to control the temperature from your phone efficiently and turn off the system when you’re away. As a result, you save maintenance costs and electricity bills.

Other benefits are essential reminders for maintenance and repair, notifying the unusual fluctuations in the temperature, consumption history, etc. All these things help you maintain your HVAC system effectively.

Monitor CO Detectors

When the heating system that uses a furnace or other combustion appliance malfunctions, it emits poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the house. Carbon monoxide detectors will let you know if any gas has leaked from your system so you can quickly call the professionals before any major damage.

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC collects dirt, debris, dust, fibers, etc., and can become clogged. Clogged air filters restrict good airflow and strain the overall system, increasing energy costs and gradually damaging your equipment. You can prevent many maintenance costs by simply replacing the air filter after 1–3 months. A clean air filter will improve the air quality in your home, promote efficient operation, and reduce the electricity bills.

Professional Preventative Maintenance

When you schedule preventative maintenance services on a routine basis, it will reduce any major damage to your system. There can be some hidden problems in your system that only professionals can detect and solve. Most people have to bear high repair costs because they don’t get their systems inspected and maintained professionally. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

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