Don’t Take Your Heater for Granted!

If you have lived in Las Vegas for any length of time, you know the winters here can get very cold, causing a strain on your heating system. It is important to have a certified trained technicians work on your heating system so you have peace of mind when sleeping at night knowing the system is working properly & safely. Infinity Air LLC. is devoted to providing peace of mind service. Get your installation or repair done day or night and keep that piece of mind that your system was repaired or installed correctly & safely. Our technicians are certified, has attended schooling, ongoing training, & consistent in-house training to ensure we all keep up with the ever growing HVAC technology.

Your Heating system will typically be located inside the home, attic, crawlspace, or on the roof of your home. Infinity Air technicians are trainings on all these applications & more.

Convenient and Economical

Save on your power bill now with maintenance, service, or replacement. Green Energy based units can save up to 35% on your power bill. Let a new furnace pay for it self and call us now for more details.

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