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Infinity Air LLC partners with the most reputable brands, such as Rheem.

We can install any and all Brands of your choice, these are simply the Brands we have partnered with.

With Rheem, Infinity Air LLC is able to provide better and faster service when installing, servicing, and replacing none-stock items. We have built a great relationship which gives us access to expedited equipment and parts that companies give no alternative when in the heat of the summer of the cold of the winter.

Energy Efficient

Infinity Air LLC choose Rheem so you can rest assured that you receive an affordable product that’s covered by what we believe to be the best product warranties in heating and cooling industry that are energy efficient and have the best SEER rating for the Las Vegas Valley Residences needs. Please search our site to learn about our quality products, and service, and the needs of the Las Vegas area in which Infinity Air will provide for your air conditioning needs.

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