Preventative Maintenance

Hire a Professionals to Maintain Your HVAC System

What you may not realize is that your HVAC system and its components require routine maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication to function properly. If you don’t want to lower your HVAC system’s efficiency and pay hefty energy bills, reach out to Infinity Air LLC. Our skilled technicians can help your system create and circulate warm or cold air more Efficiently, reducing the chance of costly malfunctions and lowering energy costs, and protecting you and your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Yearly Maintenance To Preserve The Warranty

If you’ve bought a new HVAC system or had one installed, you’ll need to plan frequent maintenance for it, or it will eventually be worn out. Regular maintenance can also help to submit a warranty repair claim if needed since HVAC manufacturers need documentation of yearly maintenance.

Your warranty coverage is also preserved with routine maintenance of your HVAC systems. You don’t know when you’ll require the warranty for unforeseen repairs. But with having an HVAC maintenance plan in hand, you won’t have to worry about invalidating your warranty.

Infinity Air LLC allows you to take benefit of warranty replacements or repairs from manufacturers when you need it the most!

Here are some of our maintenance plan options for you to consider!

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